As per Vote on RIPE88, we will introduce the new charging scheme.
The form below has been updated. Please take note.

We are offering free IP-transit, either remotely or over IXPs, under the autonomous system AS41051.

Publicly routable IPv6/v4 space.
Public ASN acquired from IANA-accredited RIR

Don't have this? We can sponsor it for you.
Our pricing for this is as follows:

Last pricing update: 2024-05-31
Yearly fees are charged in Q1
Type Initial cost Yearly-recurring cost
ASN only €90 €60
PI only €115 €85
ASN + PA €90 €60
ASN + PI €175 €145
We offer our service for the benefit of the public, using our core-backbone operating under AS58299.
It allows enthusiasts, students, small startups, or anyone else wanting to connect to receive a full-view of the internet.
We can, of course, also offer services with higher redundancy and quality for a very competitive price.
It is recommended you set up RIPE objects before contacting us, so we can more quickly process your registration.
We have written a simple guide on what is needed, and a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create the objects needed for most assignments.
You can find the guide for PI here.
And the one for PA can be found here.


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